To be successful, the editor-writer relationship should not be an adversarial experience, but rather a collaborative endeavor. We are here to assist and motivate writers, to present your best work while maintaining your unique voice.

“Carolyn did an amazing job beta-reading my latest draft! Her feedback was comprehensive and helpful. She found details that other readers had missed
and answered all of my questions in addition to providing in-line comments.
Her communication about the project was always thorough and timely.”
– Maria A. Chapman, Author, September 2020

“Finding Beta Readers/Editors for my manuscript was an anxious process and it was with some trepidation that I ‘threw the dice’ as it were and entrusted my manuscript to Carolyn at Proof to Print. I am delighted to report that Carolyn’s feedback went above and beyond my expectations. She was thorough and perceptive. Carolyn provided micro grammatical corrections as well as razor sharp analysis of weaknesses in plot and character, and possible fixes. Just as important, she was timely and very reasonably priced. I would definitely work with her again.”
– Judy Stanigar, Author, June 2020

Like a jeweler inspecting a 75k diamond, Carolyn found flaws and imperfections in my manuscript others had missed. Not only did she identify the weak spots, she explained why they didn’t work which gave me what I needed to know to fix it. I’ve worked with various editors and beta readers over the years and Proof to Print has certainly shot to the top of my list as a trusted and timely editing service. No book should ever go to print without professional editing. Carolyn and her team has given me the confidence that my work is print-ready.
– Travis Casey, Author, May 2020

“Proof to Print provided very helpful feedback and edits for my manuscript while completing a beta read. The work was done very quickly and was clear and concise. They identified issues with plot while also pointing out any grammatical errors. I was provided with a summary of thoughts and suggestions, and also a full copy of my manuscript with suggestions located in the document. Thank you!”
– Priscilla Baker, Author, May 2020

It was a pleasure working with Carolyn. She was communicative and timely. And when it comes to her work product, I was very pleased. Her feedback was thoughtful and thorough. I felt as though she took the energy to absorb, reflect, and respond in a fashion that honored my work. Carolyn is a true professional and I would gladly work with her in the future.
– Andrea C., Author, May 2020

I am delighted with the Beta Reading services that Carolyn at Proof to Print provided for my manuscript which not only provided much-needed feedback, but also a timely in-depth report leaving no doubt that she is a perceptive reader and a true professional. I will certainly be looking to work with Carolyn in the future.
– Louise Worthington, Author, March 2020

“Carolyn’s feedback for my manuscript was nothing short of detailed and helpful. She answered all my questions, and even told me her first impressions of the first few chapters, which was extremely helpful as it gave me the chance to see things from a reader’s perspective. As it is with most issues writing-related, ask questions and tell her exactly what you’re concerned about, and she will be able to do the review justice. That said, if you’re looking for honest feedback that will help you put out your best work, she’s the one to ask!
– Purnota Hasan, Author, February 2020

“I am quite impressed with Proof to Print. Carolyn did an amazing job with my book and the detailed feedback she provided is like nothing I’ve ever gotten before. I highly recommend her for all of your editing needs.”
– Alison Mello, Author, January 2020

The Beta Reading services that Carolyn at Proof to Print provided for my manuscript were both professional and thorough, and the feedback and recommendations that I received have been invaluable. It has been a pleasure to work with Carolyn and I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for an in-depth critique for their writing.
-Tracy Barker, Author, January 2020

Faced with a tight deadline for an upcoming multimedia project, Carolyn at Proof to Print became an invaluable resource, handling all of our copyediting and proofreading needs from start to finish. We sent her several drafts along the way and Carolyn was always responsive, offered insightful feedback, and helped us stay on budget, deliver our message, and meet our deadline with the printers. I would highly recommend Proof to Print.
– Robert Lee, Dean, College of Education, University of Central Missouri, September 2019

I was very pleased with the services I received from Proof to Print. I sent over a management agreement for review and Carolyn was very responsive to my needs. Once she reviewed the contract, we had a phone conversation to discuss some specific details I was looking for and she edited my document to protect my company, comply with local laws, and be very clear for my clients. Carolyn provides quality and timely services. I would recommend her
services to family and friends.”
– Matt Miller, Owner, Miller Management Chicago, May 2019

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